A Common Horizon for Humanity and the Planet

Our goal within the scope of this project is to bring together the leading thinkers of the world, to create an international intellectual platform that draws its strength from human dignity, and that aims to build for the future of humanity and the planet with a holistic synergy with a view to offering humanity a common horizon. As Cappadocia University, our vision in this regard is to provide an academic platform from where esteemed intellectuals from around the world can share their visions for a common future of humanity and our planet, and to comment on the challenges and opportunities they envisage.

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WEF Data for Destinations joint project

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day at our current pace. Most of this data is siloed – it is trapped in walled-off databases – even within a specific jurisdiction. The inaccessibility exists due to a variety of complexities, cutting across policy, regulatory, commercial and technological barriers. How can we create opportunities to unlock data to solve critical challenges? Whether those purposes are for climate, health, mobility or others. What can better outcomes look like? Importantly, how do we ensure that any governance models developed are grounded in responsible, ethical and fair use? Today’s technology advances allow us to enable responsible data sharing in ways that were previously impossible. Coupled with ethical and innovative commercial and policy enablers, better outcomes are possible with best efforts among collaborative entities.

Partnership with GSTC and TGA

Our Center, in cooperation with the GSTC and Türkiye Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), supports the efforts for developing sustainable tourism criteria for Turkey. The Turkish tourism industry will be restructured with the agreement signed with the GSTC. In the first stage of the agreement, which Türkiye signed as a government with the utmost gravity towards sustainability, the national program criteria will be determined and inspection firms will receive training. The first stage of the program becomes operational in 2023. The second stage will be carried out gradually in 2025. The program is planned to be concluded by 2030, when all international standards are met. The signing of the agreement marks an exemplary step toward sustainability as Türkiye becomes the first government in the world to develop a mandatory national program with the GSTC. 

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UNWTO Best Tourism Villages of the World

The UNWTO project "Best Tourism Villages" is a global initiative to highlight those villages where tourism preserves cultures and traditions, celebrates diversity, provides opportunities and safeguards biodiversity. The Social and Strategic Studies Center prepared, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, the application rationale and the application documents for the selection of Mustafapaşa as one of the best tourism villages of the world.

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