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The Social and Strategic Studies Center publishes academic and peer-reviewed research on the strategic and critical area studies.

Cappadocia Journal of Area Studies

Peer-reviewed scientific academic journal "Cappadocia Journal of Area Studies (CJAS)" is a platform that aims to bring together academics working in the fields of area studies, regional studies social sciences, and humanities. The journal is open to research and views that contributes to field studies and regional expertise from all branches, especially History, Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Linguistics, Geography, and Economics. Due to the nature of regional studies, especially articles that follow an interdisciplinary method are supported. Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and North Africa are within the scope of the journal. Finally, broadly defined regions such as Europe, East and South Asia, Pacific, North and South America, Africa, Australia and the basins, sub-regions, cities, small settlements, ecosystems, natural and historical regions within these regions are included in CJAS.

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Politics Books Series

Our center supports the publication of the Politics Books Series published by the Cappadocia University Press. The Center publishes its studies and reports in book format and shares the publications open-access with the academia.

You can find detailed information about the Politics Books Series here.

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